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b Informatic (Pty) Ltd agrees that the all the information disclosed by the client (yourself) including such information disclosed in writing, orally or by inspection of client’s (your) property, relating to (without limitation) the company’s prototypes, samples, technical data, trade secrets, know-how, actual and anticipated research, developments or products, product plans, services, software, inventions, processes, discoveries, formulas, architectures, concepts, ideas, designs, drawings, personnel, customers, markets, marketing plans, distribution methods, financial information, sales or programming matter, compositions, drawings, diagrams, computer programs, studies, work in process, visual demonstrations, manufacturing plans, confidential information disclosed to the company by third parties and other data, whether oral, written, evidence is now of subsequently becomes generally know or available by publication, commercial use or otherwise, through no fault of b Informatic (Pty) Ltd. b Informatic (Pty) Ltd agrees to use the confidential information solely for the purpose to use all possible means to maintain the confidential information in strict confidence and at least those measures that it employs for the protection of its own confidential information, but in any event not less than a reasonable degree of care to disclose confidential information only to b Informatic (Pty) Ltd employees who are required to have the information to perform their duties on behalf of the client (yourself)



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