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Brenden Espag

Brenden Espag

Founder - Technician - Nerd

Brenden tackles each and every challenge with a positive attitude and thrives on problem solving; both big and small. His moral values include honesty, integrity, stewardship and excellence. Not only do these cornerstones reflect in his life, but can also be seen in how he runs b Informatic (Pty) Ltd.

He is an avid gamer, braai enthusiast and an absolute knowledge sponge. Everything is labelled, categorized and embedded for future use.

In the midst of being quite busy he will always make time for coffee and a quick brain storming session.

For Brenden technology is food, air and life, and being the resident Geek/Nerd he never fails to deliver IT gossip, whether it is news of new technology or an awesome break through.

The client will always be first and no issue is too big or too small.

Come hell or high water Brenden will always be available to assist.

“Why do we choose to live life trying to fit in if we are born to stand out?”

Interested in joining the team and believe that you will agree and live by our standards and work ethics?

Please do send us a mail at admin@binformatic.co.za

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