Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

(S)earch (E)ngine (O)ptimisation explained for you as the client...

 What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?


(S)earch:  Let us sketch a scenario to explain, let`s say you had a busy day at work and you get home after a grueling 1.5 hour drive home. At the door you are greeted by your wife already moaning at the normal problems that is in and around the house, but this time a new problem is on the list, the drain is blocked. You are unfortunately in this case in need of a plumber quite urgently. Where would you go look for a plumber`s number? or an Electrician, Catering Company or even a Au Pair? In 90% of the cases we at b Informatic can promise that Google, Yahoo or even Bing gets used to find that company for that fits your needs. That is where SEARCH in search engine optimization comes in. We as the consumer/user/client are in constant need of products, services and knowledge, unfortunately we do not all have referral networks that are strong enough to cover each and every industry and sector. Our part in SEARCH engine optimisation is to make sure your company is there, on top and ready for the call.

(E)ngine:  Let`s approach the engine this way, all engines have moving parts and could either work well or just be something that causes problems, costs money, time and effort to gain almost nothing. All engines need gas, oil, brake fluid`s and a number of other running costs to keep them in good shape and working. We at b Informatic are the ENGINE mechanics in search engine optimization, we know what should and should not work, what is needed and what could be taken away. Look at us as your one-stop-internet-visibility-stop. We know the search engine that you as the client use well enough to let the engine run at tip top shape. Google, Bing or even Yahoo are our specialties seeing that we know those are your search “vehicles” of choice.

To recap, where are we thus far?

  1. We know that we all have needs and need business`s to provide products and services on the go.
  2. We make use of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find what we are looking for but not only that to find the one that suits our needs the best.
  3. We know like any machine, we need to keep our virtual engine oiled with the right amount of this and the best parts out there. this is why search engine optimization is key
  4. Now all that is left is understanding what those are…

(O)ptimisation: This is like training a race horse, we at b Informatic carry on continuously keeping ourselves up to date with the latest trends, needs and requirements to keep your website ranking high and to make it visible to your potential customers. We use OPTIMISATION to your advantage and give your website the needed care, attention and nutrition to keep it winning the battle of visibility on all leading search engine`s. This we do by being the code nerds of the internet world and knowing in what language the search engines wants to receive their information.


Some important aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Keywords: In order for search engines to put the correct link with the correct search topic your page needs to be filled with just the right amount of content with all the needed keyword for that specific topic. Link Density: Companies work together and this is also very important for your website, having a good amount of local and outbound links is crucial for search engines to rank you as a true competitor and not only a one man band trying to fool all algorithms. Google for example, looks at your “testimonials” so to speak and your ranking is dependent on what site`s you link yourself with. Focused Page Themes: Trying to sell, promote or market more than one products or services on a page might not be the best idea, keep your website focused and concise, so your client finds to the needed content quickly. Here is a summary of what we do:

  • We analyse your current Website, report back on its current status and send you a suggestion sheet on what we believe needs to be done to get you wrestling with the big names in your field.
  • We make sure that your site links, content and page focuses are where it needs to be. This is so your potential client can find, call and utilize your services quickly and effortlessly.
  • We do extensive research on your website and see where you stand, what we need to do to beat your closet competitors and implement that action plan. We know that we are only but a small fish in the big ocean so research is key.

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