Pay Per Click Marketing

Why market any other way than with Online Marketing? Let us show you why...

What do we mean with PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Marketing?

Over the years there have been many ways of marketing, be it with business cards, flyers, billboards or even TV or radio advertisements. These have all been very successful in there fields and we at b Informatic  are very sure it has brought in very successful and fruitful business to your company. Please do not get us wrong, we are not saying that online marketing is the only marketing method to go with, on the contrary we believe that to be a successful company you need to reach your potential clients by any means necessary. Adwords Online marketing is just a way of marketing your business at your own pace, your own affordable budget and your own way that keeps you up to date with how many leads, people and converted clients have come from your ad. Yes that is right we can track who, where they are, at what time and how long they visited your desired site from your add. This is a NO contract, NO hassle marketing solution that only works for you, no one else. What forms of online marketing are there that b Informatic offers?

Google AdWords

  • Pay-Per Click Advertising (best seller in online marketing) is the most effective way to get away from shotgun marketing and get your company or business visible to your required and wanted target market today!
  • Constant support from b Informatic in regards with the Keywords, Adverts and Campaign`s
  • Here are specifics you can target:
    • Monthly Reports on what the performance of your advertisements are.
    • Age, location, and language of your audience
    • Days, times, and frequency your ad should and shouldn’t show
    • Ad location (commercial sites, personal sites, search engines)
    • Terms people use to search for products and services

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