Online/Off-Site Backup

Safe, Secure and Encrypted Backup`s

We offer online/offsite backup solutions for home and businesses and with the support from industry leading backbone going by the name of Livedrive™ it is a very cost effective solution for all online/offsite backups. With instant access to the online backup any restoration can be made effortlessly across almost all platforms.

Remember Cloud Storage Is Not Cloud Backup…

Rule number one. Dropbox is not a backup service, nor is Box or One Drive or Google Drive or any of the other cloud storage services out there. They store your files and maintain version histories. They hang on to deleted files for about 7 days. They sync files across multiple devices and make it super easy to share those files with other users.

But that doesn’t make them full-fledged backup solutions, no matter how much we want to pretend otherwise. Here’s what a backup solution does. It ensures redundancy so multiple copies of each file exist at all times. It ensures durability so that no matter what files are deleted or corrupted, at least some version of the file can be recovered (assuming the file wasn’t corrupted from day one and was successfully backed up in the first place).

Cloud storage services cannot deliver on such promises. One little glitch and your files cease to exist, or at least are no longer accessible. What’s important is being able to recover what you expect when you expect it. Files are too easy to delete from Cloud Storage services, and those deletions can be easily propagated across all your devices. Just like a virus. Yes, just like a virus, that you share and send to all your devices…

A backup solution archives your data and keeps it safe in the event the unthinkable occurs—flood, fire, theft, malware, system meltdown, someone doing something really dumb. It can happen. It will happen. It’s just a matter of time. Unlike a cloud storage service, a backup solution is not about quick access and frequent updates and rapid sharing, but rather the steady, methodical archiving of data over the long haul to prepare for possible disaster.

Our 4 main points of service here are:

  • Online backup Backup your whole PC or Mac, no matter how many files you’ve got.
  • View files anywhere Log in online at any time to view your files and download them.
  • Your files are secure 100% safe and secure. Your files are stored in multiple data centres with 24 hour surveillance.
  • Simple & hassle free Installs in minutes. Automatically backs up your files while you work.

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