1. Keep it clean

Make sure your desktop, laptop, notebook, netbook or workstation is clean. This is not hard task as just taking a damp cloth and wiping down the body, mouse, keyboard will keep it top condition and a pleasure to use. We recommend of course to not clean while the computer itself is turned on. As while you wipe you might press the pesky delete key and gone is your important presentation. Screen cleaning on the other hand is to be done by a soft non-static cloth, we sell these cloths with an alcohol based cleaning liquid to remove dirt, keep the screen dust free and clear as when you bought it. Inbox if you require the screen cleaning kit.

2. Keep your files tidy

Making sure you file your documents from the start is crucial and important if you want to cut out the hours wasted to re-file months down the line in order to fix the problem that could have been prevented. Before filling, create and implement a filing system that will work for you. We have default plans you could use if you have no idea where to start so just inbox us if you require them. File you files in Documents or on your Hard Drive. NEVER on your desktop as the Desktop is not a storage place and files there will only lower performance of your computer. The desktop is only meant for shortcuts. Why is this important? Computers need to archive and place files on your hard drive and it helps immensely if we order and sort it well for them. It will also quicken the SEARCH process on screen which improves the end-user experience.

3. Keep your Anti-Virus updated

If you are a avid internet user or not, keeping your anti-virus up to date is crucial. Virusses, Malware and fishing remain a daily threat for computer users and making sure you have a proper anti-virus installed and updated. If you have no anti-virus installed please contact us and we will be able to provide the best advice and software for the need.

4. Turn it off

Make sure you turn off your computer at least twice a week. We personally recommend once a day, but for those of you that have no time twice a week should be suitable. This is important as the computer builds up memory and turning it of and on resets itself and frees up any memory that was used by default. This results in a seemingly quicker end-user experience. Please note there is a difference between a restart and shut down.

5. Clean the House

Every 3-4 months have a quick scan at any unwanted software you might have installed on your daily usage that is not needed or unwanted. Uninstall them and clean up the computer, as this will only free up hard drive space but also memory etc if the software had any background processes that needed to be run constantly. Only keep the programs you bought and have used within 6 months.

Hope these tips helped with your daily operations on your computer and please note we are more than willing to assist with and and all of the above mentioned maintenance.

Have a lovely first week back at work!
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